Jordan Hook

Software Developer

Last Modified: 01/05/2019

DDoS Watch is a small C# application I developed for a friend in 2016 who was running a game hosting service. Through the use of threads, sockets, smtp clients and good old object oriented programming I quickly put together this application to notify both him and his team of any downtime he was experiencing. This is accomplished by attempting to connect to the specified servers on a scheduled timer.

To check if a server is online, the application opens a TCP(or UDP) socket and attempts to make a connection on the specified port. If a connection can be made the server is deemed online, else the server is deemed offline.

Based on that information an email notification is sent to a list of specified email addresses. Notifications are only sent when the status of a server is changed.

The settings of the application save each time you make an adjustment to an email address or server, or simply when you close the program to ensure information is never lost.

The application is even smart enough to check if you email settings are valid when it sends emails. Any issues with servers or emails are highlighted in red. If no issues have occurred on an email or server, the text will be highlighted in green.

Please see the screenshots below for more information:

DDoS Watch (GitHub)