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Category: Desktop Application (C#)

In grade 11 of High School we were tasked with creating games for my computer science class. The games needed to be lightweight and able to run on older computers. We also weren't allowed to use external libraries as the teacher did not want to have to install unity, unreal, etc on school lab computers.

Most of my class mates made text based games or games with a pictures boxes and windows controls. Personally, I attempted a remake of the classic NES game Mario. Using some of the graphics from the old game I developed a simple game engine using GDI+ in C# to emulate the environment of the classic. Though it was never completely finish I am posting this project as an example of my work before I was a professional developer and still but a young student to programming. As well, the game is quite fun and the source projects a valuable learning experience for other coders looking to write games using GDI+ (though with the amount of open source libraries we have available to us, I highly recommend using anything but GDI+).

Here are some screen shots:

And the tile editor; a part of the game in which allows level design.

If you are interested in the source or executable of the game please click the link below for a direct download:

Mario.NET - Direct Download