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Place Management

Category: Web Application (PHP)

During my second year of college I completed a web programming for linux course in which we started to develop simple PHP applications. I decided to show case the final result of that course in order to display some of my php skills however, I have learned many new techniques since then.

Anyways, back the project, it's purpose was to create a system in which people and list and rate locations. It uses php and an sql database to store and retrieve information. It also uses php to validate information and display error messages before allowing a user to enter a place into the system. Lastly there is a very simple use system implemented as well to ensure that a user is logged in before they can access to the system.

Here are some screenshots:

Login Portal


User Preferences

List Places

Place Details

Place Entry

Full Width (Side Bar)

The logic behind the system is pretty simple and so the the design. Our prof wanted something clean and easy to navigate, nothing fancy as we weren't being marked on looks but on functionality.

For this project I have prepared a live demo, please see links below for demo and source.