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Scannable Data Encoder

Category: Application Library (C#)

The ScannableDataEncoder is a C# project I am working on that will take text data and convert it to an image. The images are supposed to be simple and clear so that you are able to use printers and scanners to print the data as an image and scan it back into a computer. The project was made for fun in order to further develop my algorithm skills. 

Currently the project is able to encode and decode small sets of data using various sets of colour however due to lack of memory and the size of bitmaps, larger sets of data are impractical.

Here is a short gif of the encoding in action:

The basic concept behind the project is to convert the string on the left into binary data, 0's and 1's. Once it's in binary format the encoder will begin to draw an image using two user predefined colours and output the image on the right. In my example I used red and green as the colours to represent the 0's and 1's.

I have yet to test the algorithm in a printer / scanner yet as I am currently looking for an alternative way of creating the images without reaching the memory limitations of the .NET Framework.

Until then and for the life time of the project you may access the full source code on github via the link below.

ScannableDataEncoder Source - GitHub