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AudioCapture Lib

Category: Application Library (C#)

The audio capture library is a simple C# library I developed to assist with a simple VO-IP application. The code is completely available on github however I will be providing documentation about the project here as well. The full code is available on GitHub (see link below). 

The library is very simple to use. Once you include the required references (see github), you will be able to create a new instance of the capturer object.

//Parameter is capture delay
AudioCapture capture = new AudioCapture(1000);

The capture delay parameter is in MS and specifies how long you would like to record a clip before an event is raise with the captured date. In order to receive the events you must subscribe to the event handler e.g.

//Parameter is capture delay
AudioCapture capture = new AudioCapture(1000);

//subscribe to event 
capture += BitCapturedHandle; 

//capture is the wave file 
public void BitCapturedHandle(byte[] capture)
   //you can no do what you please with the audio data 

The only things left to do would be to start and stop the capture object by calling the corresponding methods.

If you are interested in the project or wish to view the full source code, please visit the github link below! 

AudioCapture Library - GitHub