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AudioCapture Lib

Category: Application Library (C#)

The audio capture library is a simple C# library I developed to assist with a simple VO-IP application. The code is comple...

Scannable Data Encoder

Category: Application Library (C#)

The ScannableDataEncoder is a C# project I am working on that will take text data and convert it to an image. The images a...


Category: Desktop Application

This is a small C++ project in which uses the OpenCV Library 3.0. The purpose of this project is to detect and count the v...

Backup Generator

Category: Desktop Application (C#)

The Backup Generator project is a small C# application I wrote a while I was attending Seneca College to create daily back...

Berzerk Anti-Malware

Category: Desktop Application (C#)

Berzerk Anti-Malware The Berzerk Anti-Malware program started off as a small study I started after a few of my f...

DDos Watch

Category: Desktop Application (C#)

DDoS Watch is a C# desktop application I originally developed for a friend of mine or was running a web hosting and game s...


Category: Desktop Application (C#)

The jvChat project is a free open source messaging application developed by ...

Malware Scraper

Category: Desktop Application (C#)

MalwareFinder MalwareFinder is a .NET application I wrote to help with the Berzerk Anti-Malware project I am wor...


Category: Desktop Application (C#)

In grade 11 of High School we were tasked with creating games for my computer science class. The games needed to be lightw...


Category: Desktop Application (C#)

MyPCPassport is a simple C# application designed to pull information about your computer. I developed this project as a mi...

Pacman Game

Category: Desktop Application (C#)

In 2013, near the end of high school I decided to write another game in C# using GDI+ (I made this game using school compu...


Category: Desktop Application (C#)

ShutMeDown is a simple .NET application coded in C# designed to shutdown your windows computer after a timer. The timer is...

Admin Portal

Category: Web Application

I wrote this admin portal system in order to help further develop my web development skills using various frameworks and t...

MLB Manager

Category: Web Application (ASP.NET)

During my time at Seneca College I had the privilege of taking an ASP web applications course in which were tasked with de...

Place Management

Category: Web Application (PHP)

During my second year of college I completed a web programming for linux course in which we started to develop simple PHP ...